Discussion Part 2 Solutions” To Issue

For this week’s discussion post, I’d like you to brainstorm and explore at least 3 possible ‘solutions’ to the issue. “Solutions” may be understood as ways to solve the issue, but “solutions” may also be understood to be a broader term for an idea that somehow ‘works to help’ the situation -> prevent the causes/effects of the issue or as a way to ‘deal with’the effects so that they aren’t as destructive.

Students may ‘let the research’ inform them as to how to best ‘solve’ the issue, but it is also an opportunity to put forth your own ‘creative’ idea to intervene on the issue. Use this discussion post as a way to brainstorm and identify 3 ‘solution ideas’ and to provide around 100 words explaining and analyzing each one. What is the ‘solution’ idea? Is it helping deal with the causes of the issue or the effects of the issue (maybe both)? How will it ‘work’ or how will it be implemented? Why/how will it benefit those dealing with the issue?

Be sure to identify the topic/issue you are focusing on at the beginning of your reply. Also, present the 3 different solution points as separate ‘paragraphs’ to clearly identify them.

If you struggle to come up with solutions, please reach out – in class or through Canvas ASAP, so that we can brainstorm together to find points that fit your issue. Your original response of at least 300 words should be posted by class time.

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