Discussion Post

  This week’s topic: Read and critique health care article

Read and critique or watch one (electronic) news article on health care delivery in the United States. For example, find an article or news video that is about or relates to the major historical factors that affected the American healthcare system and describe their relationship to our current system. Or, find an article or about access issues within our current health care system, for example for special populations like the homeless or indigent,  or the settings in which our health care services are available.

For this assignment, you may use an article that is in the mainstream media. You can do a google search or search some of the major news websites for articles or videos.  However, do not use Wikipedia.

In your initial post, include an overview of the article or video. Analyze and post your assessment of the article you choose. Before you post your article, be sure to check and make sure no one else has posted it already. Remember to include the link to the article or news video.

You must use a citation and reference in your initial post and in at least one of your response posts.

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