Please read before contacting me.


So I have completed the required courses for a Doctor of Business Administration program. Now I am in the dissertation phase.

The school uses semesters to work on various phases of the dissertation over 3 semesters each 8 weeks in length.

I will tell you that in the first semester I will need to complete a concept paper. If you are reading this you will know that a concept paper goes through many reviews by faculty and dissertation committee. Therefore you will pretty much be working with me until I graduate.

The concept paper is the plan or the base for the research. Ideally it will be a Qualitative Study type of business research.

My challenge is now I am stuck. I will need help in selecting a topic. One that is based on a need. We can find one using peer review journals or earlier work. These works need to be under 3 years old meaning pretty recent. 2016 there about.

I need a dissertation topic as well as a concept paper. Once the school accept that then we can start the research.

I am looking for the person who can handle this and be my coach. Someone who is patient and able to meet reviews and handle the research. Someone who have created and done quality dissertation.

We can discuss payment for each semester.

I will be able to communicate and find out more about your time and ideas for a research. I’ll also check your reviews and also your expertise level.

If this sounds like a challenge you will want then please contact me. Also do not immediately ask for my phone number or email address right away. Let us communicate here.



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