Distance Learning-

write 4 to 5 page essay ( APA ) Articulate how technology fits into effective training program design and evaluation. Analyze how a distance learning module impacts organizational training strategies and employee development.

For this assessment, you will incorporate technology into your training and development program by designing a distance learning module. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS.

· Describe the information conveyed to trainees in the distance learning module.

·  Articulate how a distance learning module fits into the overall training program design.

·  Assess the strengths and weaknesses of distance learning on an organization’s training strategy.

·  Illustrate how practice and feedback are incorporated to measure the transfer of learning.

·  Analyze how distance learning supports employee development.

·  Evaluate the effectiveness of measurements used for a distance learning module in the training and development program.

·  What diversity and cross-cultural factors might you consider in the design of your distance learning module?

·  What impact might the age of trainees have on the use of technology in training?

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