**Due 08/20** ORIGINAL 4-Page California Park (Yosemite) Research Paper & Powerpoint Presentation

California Park Paper and PowerPoint Presentation: Each student will write a 4-page research paper (excluding pictures) detailing a description and history of California’s Yosemite national park.


***Information should be obtained from scholarly library resources and the Internet (NO Wikipedia).***

Information included in the paper should include a summary of the history, together with relevant census statistics, notable current characteristics/events, and important personalities/historical figures.

In addition to the paper, students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation including images to present the research. Both the paper and the PowerPoint presentation should contain references in MLA.

The California Park Paper and PowerPoint Presentation constitute the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course….absolutely NO PLAGIARISM.

REFER TO THE RUBRIC ATTACHED for guidelines while completing PLEASE!!

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