English Persuasive Essay Paper

  • 4. The Persuasive EssayAttached Files:
    • File¬†Writing the Persuasive Essay.pdf (125.804 KB)
    • Attached is a pdf document that explains the expectations and process of a Persuasive essay.
      This essay must be 4-5 pages in MLA format. You are asked to engage in some research with up to 3-5 outside sources. Pick a topic that you are interested in exploring and writing about.
      In a Persuasive Essay you MUST make an argument/ claim. And then you will persuade your audience /reader to accept your claim.
      Here is a short video to explain the concept of a “claim.”


  • ItemPersuasive Essay Rubric ExemplaryProficientNeeds Improvement
    Not EvidentIntroduction and Claim/Thesis Statement
    Well-developed introduction and thesis statement. They engage the reader and create interest. They clearly state the topic being analyzed and the persuasive argument.The introduction and thesis statement are fairly well developed. But they are not very engaging or creative, but they do introduce the persuasive topic.The introduction and thesis statement include the topic being analyzed, but they do not give a reason for the persuasive argument.The introduction and thesis statement do not include what is being analyzed, and there is no apparent basis for persuasion.Main Points and OrganizationMain points in the essay are concrete and specific, and they effectively support the persuasive topic. The main points are organized and built upon the persuasive situation.Main points are concrete and specific, but they are not engaging and interesting. There are sufficient details for the persuasion, but they could be clearer. The structure of the argument is confusing.There are details, but they are either not concrete and specific, or there are not enough of them to adequately create a persuasive situation. One or more main points are not given sufficient space or details. The structure of the argument is unclear.Main points are either wrong or lacking, or they are not related to the topic sentence or the analysis. There is no clearly defined structure or organization.Research and IntegrationThe required number of resources are used and provide meaningful evidence to support assertions. Quotes are directly related to the argument. There is a strong alignment between argument and research.The required number of resources are used and most quotes provide evidence to support assertions. Most of the quotes are related to the argument and an attempt has been made to align research and argument.The required number of resources are not used. The minimum research used provides some support to the assertions. There is an insufficient development of ideas and research and argument are not aligned.There are no resources used in this paper. It is a persuasive paper based on opinion and insufficient support.ConclusionThe concluding paragraph effectively unifies the essay around the thesis statement. The reason for the analysis is clearly re-stated and the results are effectively summed-up.The concluding paragraph unifies the essay around the thesis statement. The reason for the analysis is evident and results are presented as valid.The concluding paragraph re-states the reason for the analysis, but it does little to unify the essay around the thesis statement.There is no concluding paragraph, or it does not unify or restate the reason for the analysis.Writing MechanicsWriting is smooth, skillful, and coherent. Sentences are strong and expressive with varied structure. Consistent and appropriate tone and word choice is used throughout the paragraph. Transitions are appropriate and add to the effectiveness of the paragraph. No errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization.Writing is clear and sentences have varied structure. There is consistent tone and word choice is appropriate with fairly good use of transitions to guide the reader.
    A few minor errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization, but they do not detract from the overall meaning and effectiveness of the paragraph.Writing is clear, but sentences may lack variety. The tone is inconsistent and word choice, while adequate, could be better. While transitions are present they do not add to the overall effectiveness of the paragraph. A few errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization that, while distracting, the meaning and intent of the paragraph can still be discerned.Writing is confusing and hard to follow. Contains fragments and/or run-on sentences. The tone and purpose is inconsistent and difficult to determine. Transitions are either missing or inappropriate. Distracting and major errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.

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