Ethics and effective programs

Your text describes many areas in which ethics should be applied and describes the various guidelines that govern the practice of OBM. In addition to these guidelines Behavior Analysts practicing within organizations as well as working with individuals must abide by the BACB professional and ethical compliance code.

Read: Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB, 2014) Behavior Analyst Certification Board professional and ethical compliance code for behavior analysts. Retrieved from

For this week’s Discussion you should consider specific areas highlighted in your text and the BACB code and answer the following in a minimum of 400 words:

In your own words what are ethics?

What are specific ethical concerns that apply to behavior analysis in organizations?

Select one of the interventions or research designs you discussed throughout the term. Identify one of the specific codes from the BACB compliance code and describe how it applies to the intervention.

Discuss the importance of ethics in creating and analyzing effective behavior analytic programs.

Include References from:

Redmon, W. K. (2001). Handbook of Organizational Performance, 1st Edition.

Behavioral Analyst Certification Board (2014) professional and ethical compliance code for

Behavioral analyst.

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