Ethics And Policy.

Scenario: You are traveling with your work laptop to a conference and leave it for five minutes at the airport terminal as you go to the bathroom. You asked your colleague to keep an eye on it, but when you return, your colleague has boarded the plane and taken your belongings. As you look through, you realize your laptop is missing. When you confront your colleague, she says it was just there a moment ago and she is certain she brought it on board with her. Your laptop contains secure information regarding your organization and has remote access to your clinical information system. The policy at your organization for a data breach is to call tech support immediately and report the breach. You think it may just be misplaced and begin looking.
Based on the scenarios above, answer the following:

1, What challenges are present in the scenario, and what are some steps that can be taken to address them?

2, What is the relationship between ethics and policy? Do they always match up with one another?

· 3, If individual ethics do not align with organizational policy, what might be the end result?

Support your answer with relevant resources. Paper must be 3 paragraphs with at least 3 sources must be cited in APA format.

NO PLAGIARISM!!!!! Paper will be submitted through Turnitin app.

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