Ethics In Communication

Ethical Theories and Professional and Ethical Communication

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Image of a businessman talking to a man and woman. Image Citation: Feingersh, J. (n.d.). Businessman talking to man and woman [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest this activity we will be discussing ethical communication in professional settings by examining professional codes of ethics. As we discuss the codes of ethics, consider how virtue ethics, utilitarianism or universalism may have been fundamental in their conception. This activity aligns with module outcome 1.

Answer one of the following discussion questions below.

  1. You have already closely examined the National Communication Association’s Credo for Ethical Communication, so now select a different code of ethical communication to discuss. Consider your chosen field of study or your career path and select a professional ethical code that you believe relates directly to those interests. What does the code of ethics say about communicating with others?
  2. Benjamin Franklin based many of his thoughts about virtues upon the work of Aristotle. Which of these virtues do you believe are most important in contemporary times, and which do you believe are the least practiced and why?
  3. Immanuel Kant proposed that we have fundamental moral rights as humans. How do you relate Kant’s concept of moral rights to human rights in contemporary times?
  4. John Stuart Mill and others believed we should consider the consequences of our ethical decisions and weigh the costs versus the benefits of our options. Give an example of how this concept of utilitarianism impacts on how you communicate ethically with others.

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