Ethnic Studies 2.2.2 Our View VS Their View

Assign 2.2.2 – “Our” View v. “Their” View Essay
Write a 3-5 paragraphy essay answering the following question:

Essay Question:
How do we view ourselves as Americans and how do others see us? Explain your response by providing evidence from the readings in this section including Copernicus, Ricci, American Foreign Policy & International Cooperation to support your response.

Be sure to include in your response:

  • An explanation of what geocentric, egocentric, and frames of reference mean that is a part of your answer to the question.
  • Explain if Americans today are “geo-centric or “ego-centric and why or why not?”  Explain how “geo-centric” and “ego-centric” is reflected in America’s relationships with other countries and people. Explain whether America’s current foreign policy is a result of “geo-centrism” or “ego-centrism?”
  • Use Copernicus and Ricci as examples to help support your answer to the question.
  • Cite your sources using the annotated bibliography format.
  • Helpful hints to get the best grade possible: Take the opportunity to assess your own work by using the Ethnic Studies Assignment Rubric.

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