Ethnic Studies 4.2.4 Culture Shock Questions And Essay

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Culture Shock Questions & Essay
Directions:  Answer these questions (to help you write your essay) and turn them in with your essay:

  1. What is a social scientist and what do the do?
  2. In your own life, how does your culture affect your actions/behaviors and attitudes, for example in situations that may have been a cultural shock to you?
  3. Think about how you reacted in that situation, what behaviors or attitudes of your culture was reflected in your reaction to that particular situation?
  4. How did you deal with the situation and what were the results of your actions?  Was your reaction the best way to deal with the situation or could you have reacted in a different way?
  5. Do your behaviors sometimes come in conflict with the mainstream
  6. American culture or your parents? How do you deal with that conflict?

Write the Essay.  Use your responses from the questions above to help you write your essay:
Social scientists (scientist that study human interactions) are concerned with learning what people believe, rather than learning whether what people believe is really true; so
Why is it important to understand the cultural beliefs of different peoples? Give explanation with supporting evidence from your research and examples from the blog postings.

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