Explaining Behavior

Psychology Research Method

This portion of today’s lab will focus on explaining behavior as it relates to Chapter 1 in our textbook.

Textbook: Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach (8th Edition), by K. Bordens and B. Abbott.

Our textbook authors have discussed how science and the research process can be used to acquire knowledge.  Without getting into the importance of understanding scientific explanations and research. I would like you to read and evaluate three articles from a popular magazine or newspaper, either the web version or the old-fashioned paper copy (e.g., USA Today, Time, Newsweek, or Psychology Today).  I want you to ask yourself the following questions for each of those three articles:

  • What point or points is the author trying to make with this article?
  • Does the article cite scientific research to support the main ideas in the article?
  • What kinds of data do the articles present?  For example, what statistics were reported?
  • Evaluate whether the author’s conclusions follow logically from the data reported.
  • Identify other information you would like to have seen the author present to support his or her findings.

Submit your answers (to the above questions for each article) and your citations.

At least 2 pages (3 pages with references page).

APA style.

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