Explanation In Personality Theory(Wk-3-Assignment)(8-23-18)

Week 3 Assignment

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Explanation in Personality Theory

Submit a 2-4 page paper (excluding the cover sheet and reference page) with a minimum of two references in addition to the textbook.

  • How does the idea of a person as the processor provides an explanation in personality theory- either individual or social?
  • How would you analyze the cognitive paradigm, including current criteria?
  • What is a current example demonstrating the concepts?

Remember to use in-text citations.

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Grading Criteria

Content CriteriaTotal: 5

Content must include an analysis and explanation of personality theory-either individual or social and the cognitive paradigm and include a current example of your understanding. Assignment must be 2-4 pages and have a minimum of 2 references.

Writing and Organization CriteriaTotal: 1

Writing style is clear and concise.

Tone is academic and appropriate for the content and assignment.

Thesis statement is clearly articulated.

Structure is logical, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Flow is maintained by effective transitions.

Rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are followed.

Adherence to APA formatting requirements is evident.

Research CriteriaTotal: 3

Sources are credible (preferably peer-reviewed), varied, relevant, and current (published within past five years); use of seminal work (e.g. Freud) is encouraged.

Sources inform analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and decision-making.

Includes required number of professional/scholarly sources.

Addresses ethical considerations in research when appropriate.

Style CriteriaTotal: 1

The paper is in the appropriate APA format used by the institution/program (e.g. the 6th edition).

The paper is double-spaced and in the appropriate length required by the assignment

The paper includes an APA style cover page.

The paper includes an Abstract that is formatted to support the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

The paper properly uses headings, font styles, and white space as outlined in the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

The paper includes an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.

The paper addresses the topic of the paper with critical thought.

The paper concludes with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.

Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition) guidelines.

The paper includes a References Page that is completed according to the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

Total Possible PointsTotal: 10



Required Resources

Lecci, L.B. & Magnavita, J.J. (2013). Personality Theories: A Scientific Approach. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

  • Chapter 2: Psychoanalytic and Neo-Analytic Theories of Personality
  • Chapter 4: Neurobiological Models of Personality (review)
  • Chapter 6: Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Personality

Freud on Freud – YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj2JFI4BsRQ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Murray, H.A. (1940). What should psychologists do about psychoanalysis? First published in Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Retrieved from EBSCO Host PsycARTICLES

Peterson, C. (2010). Good Hope and Bad Hope. The Good Life, July 24, 2010, Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-good-life/201007/good-hope-and-bad-hope (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Peterson, C. (2011). There are no accidents. The Good Life, August 8, 2011, Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-good-life/201108/there-are-no-accidents (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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