Exploratory Essay : Topic Racial Profiling

The Exploratory Research Essay

For this assignment, you will construct an essay in MLA format. In this essay, you should explore and gather information on a current controversy and present your research objectively.

Your essay should have four sections total: an introduction, two sections exploring two sides of the controversy, and a conclusion.

Your introductory section will provide the context of the debate, including what is being debated and why the debate is current and worthy of response. The introductory section should end with a research question that seeks a thesis statement.

Your two argumentative sections should begin with clear topic sentences that establish position.

One section should present supporting research for your chosen topic, and once paragraph should present opposition to that support. Include supporting details for each stance, documented properly.

Between your two argumentative sections, you should use a transition that links the two sections together. You should also use transitional phrases to connect the various points in your sections.

Your conclusion should summarize the opposing viewpoints on your topic and present an objective conclusion based on the presented facts. You are encouraged to answer the introductory research question or acknowledge that more research is needed for this particular issue.

Be careful, however, not to assert an argumentative stance—save that for the argumentative research essay.

Be sure to have a works cited page.

Minimum 600 words.

You should use at least four outside sources for this essay.

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