Explore Your Own Sexual Development.

Assignment Instructions

Autobiographical Paper #1: 10 points

For this paper, you’re asked to explore your own sexual development. This might include exploring your experience of sexuality education (e.g. through your family, school, friends, television, magazines, the Internet, other experiences); attitudes, values, opinions or feelings you hold about sexuality; your own sexual behaviors or expressions of sexuality either on your own or with a partner; or anything else that you feel has contributed to who you are as a sexual person today. This is NOT a formal paper; write in first person about your own life and values and perspectives and experiences, to whatever extent you feel comfortable. I am the only person who will read these papers and you can say whatever you want to say.

You should only disclose what you are comfortable disclosing. You do NOT need to disclose anything personal as part of this assignment. However, if you choose to include information about personal behavior, that is also okay to do.

You might consider writing about any of the following:

– How did you first learn about sexuality?

– How would you describe your early experiences learning about sexuality?

– To what extent would you say your family, religion , culture, friends,and/or partners have influenced your ideas or values about sexuality?

– What type of experience with sexuality, or comfort with sexuality would you like to develop?

– What are your goals (personal and/or academic) for this class?

– As a college student, what are some of the challenging areas about sex you or your friends deal with – for example, talking with partners about condoms or STIs or birth control? Making sure someone really wants to have sex with you/consents to sex? Avoiding sexual assault/rape? Choosing good partners? Exploring your sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual interests? Etc.

Your paper will remain confidential.


Paper length: about 1500 words

1 point deducted for each day that papers are late.

**********SUBMISSION *********

Please submit your paper to me on Canvas (right here!) Just copy and paste your text into the box – no attachments please.

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