Extreme Corporation (EC), A World Leader In Advanced Tactical Drones, Plans To Open A Facility In St. Louis, MO.

Extreme Corporation (EC), a world leader in advanced tactical drones, plans to open a facility in St. Louis, MO. While having not settled on an exact location, ideally the facility will be within four miles of Lambert-st, Louis international Airport via a major highway. While maintaining their original facility in phoenix, the new campus will become the primary location for research, and demonstration of equipment, this new complex must have all possible security measures. Visitors, potential customers, current customers, support staff, design engineers, and demonstration staff will all be housed in a 100,000 square foot facility. The data warehouse will be duplicated to the phoenix facility nightly.Facility requirements:Controlled access to the building for every oneA lobby, conference area , and sales area that needs controlled accessA highly secure area for system designersAn extremely secure area to house the data centerSecure transfer of archival data between St. Louis and phoenixSecure access to the internet for employeesPlease present a research project for the physical security measures for this new facility. In four researchproject, please recommend categories of counter measures and the associated risks that the countermeasures mitigate. You should present some form statistical measures to support your proposal.You are expected to recommend a specific brand/model of a counter measure. Please include detailed additional risks that have not been mitigated by your research project.

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