Financial Planning


Peter (30) and Fred (29) are married. They are currently renting at a cost of $600 a week. Peter works as a project manager earning $105,000 per annum plus Super Guarantee (SG) contribution. Fred is a Fitness Instructor earning $33,000 plus SG.

They have come to you as they both want to take a career break and travel through Europe in 2025. You have had a comprehensive meeting with them and have completed relevant sections of the fact find document. The budget discussion you had with them reveals they expect to be able to save approximately $12,000 per annum. They have each completed a risk profile with you that included a detailed discussion about their individual risk profiles as well as their joint investment risk profile. Both Peter and Fred have expressed their desire to get their immediate financial issues sorted as a priority.

Peter has accumulated three funds due to job changes over his career and hasn’t exercised superannuation choice to date. Peter doesn’t want to be “sold a new fund”, he just wants you to provide advice on which of his current funds is most suitable for the others to be consolidated into. Peter also sees himself as a “Balanced Profile or 70% Growth assets” investor and also wishes to align his superannuation funds to his risk/return preferences.

Peter’s father – John, has been diagnosed terminally ill and wishes to provide Peter the balance of his superannuation fund ($300,000) to help him financially. Peter would like your advice on potential issues and strategies around this.

Peter and Fred would like to take a career break and travel through Europe in 2025 at an estimated cost of $60,000. Peter and Fred want help on strategies to pay off their debts before they go on their career break holiday in 2025.

Peter and Fred haven’t given much thought to personal insurances in the past as they felt they were too fit and healthy for it to be a need. They would however be interested in your professional opinion as to whether there are any gaps or opportunities you can identify for their situation.


1.Stated clients current financial and non-financial information

2.Prepared statements of the client’s net worth, cash flow and budget


Client Details are in attachment

Proper formatting: Arial 12 font, single spacing, 2cm margins

Words Limit: 1000 words for Question1 and 3 charts for question2

References: 5

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