Food- And Water-Borne Illnesses

You will be learning about food- and water-borne illnesses, as well as food safety practices that can keep you from getting sick.

First, select three food- or water-borne illnesses that you would like to learn more about. You will then research illness and fill out the following chart as a way to organize and present the information you learn in a scientific manner.

Name of the Pathogen:                    (Name Here)

Signs & Symptoms:

Contributing Factors:

Preventive Factors:




Second, list five concrete food safety practices you can incorporate in order to protect yourself from food poisoning. Make sure to describe each food safety practice in a specific, detailed way. For example, instead of saying, “keep foods cold,” indicate specific temperatures that identified food items would need to be stored at in order to prevent bacterial growth. Also, make sure the practices you identify are relevant for you. For example, I love salad, so I might include an item about how to wash and store the lettuce and vegetables that I use for salads and how long salads can be kept at room temperature before they would need to be returned to the refrigerator.

Make sure you provide references in APA style for each resource you use. Note that the CDC has great information about food poisoning and food and waterborne illnesses (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., which you should use for this assignment.

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