Four Questions Answer All Individually 3pages Minimum Apa Format

Distinguishing Types of Assault and Criminal Homicide

You are tasked with providing a descriptive analysis of an assault or homicide case that you heard about, or are acquainted with via some mass media, involving either a juvenile or adult. In your descriptive analysis of the case, identify the specific type of assault or homicide; demographic factors; along with the psychological aspects of the perpetrator’s modus operandi and signature characteristics. Then, based on your descriptive analysis, provide a formal risk assessment of future violence that has an empirical foundation. You must use at least one professional journal article for your answer.

The Epidemiology and Etiology of Family Violence

Identify a case involving some form of family violence of personal interest to you and construct an evaluation of the victim and perpetrator, including the epidemiological and etiological variables of each. Explain how battered woman syndrome became part of the clinical literature along with the roles this related behavior has in court trials. You must use at least one professional journal article for your answer.

The Phenomenon of Serial Murder

You are tasked to select any serial murderer of your choice (remember, serial murders do not have to be sexual murders). Then compare and contrast the general traits of serial murderers with those of your selected case subject, identifying modus operandi and signature characteristics.

School and Workplace Violence

You are tasked with comparing and contrasting in detail the most salient traits and situational circumstances associated of school shooters and workplace shooters, analyzing the types and categories, as well as the precipitating influences, like school bullying and workplace harassment. Include a discussion of the roles of investigative psychology and geographic profiling in assisting law enforcement efforts to identify potential would-be perpetrators.

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