Global Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications is based on the concept of all aspects of the communication and marketing mix working together to project a consistent image in the minds of the target market. However, what may be acceptable in one culture could actually be offensive in another. What works well in one society may fail dismally in another. Simple issues like phrases, gestures, or colors can be problematic.

 Assess how the global communications you will utilize for the countries Barbados and the Dominican Republic potentially differ from a similar version that would be utilized in the United States.

 Illustrate with examples, explaining how they are consistent with the overall integrated marketing strategy.

THE PRODUCT BEING MARKETED IN THESE TWO COUNTRIES IS STARBUCKS COFFEE BEER. This consists of beer that tastes like coffee and is being sold at Starbucks. The paper should be about Starbucks coffee beer being introduced in Barbados and the Dominican Republic, and how it will be communicated from a marketing perspective.

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