Answer Question 1 and any other 3 questions.

  1. What are the four different perspectives on globalization? (Part II) Explain and give examples.
  2. According to Wallerstein (Part II, Ch 6), why can capitalism only exist in a world economy? What role do strong states play in the world system? Why does it propagate universalist and anti-universalist principles? Does Wallerstein think the world system today still resembles that of the sixteenth century?
  3. According to Huntington (Part I, Ch 5), what is new about world politics today? Does this image of a world embroiled in clashes of civilization contradict the conventional view that the globalization process creates new bonds across cultural boundaries? Does Huntington demonstrate that civilizations are now the primary forms of identity and organization in world society?
  4. According to Bestor (Part III, Ch 13), how does the tuna trade exemplify key features of contemporary globalization? Why are tuna farms a kind of global enterprise? Does the globalization of sushi show that cultural differences are disappearing?
  5. According to Milanovic and Collier inequality has changed a great deal in the last few decades.  What specific income inequality trends do they each identify?  According to Collier what has happened to the “Bottom Billion”?  How could these countries and peoples be lifted up?
  6. Strange (Part V, Ch 28) argues that rapid technological change and the extensive resources required for technological innovation force states to do the bidding of transnational corporations. Explain the logic of this argument while also showing how technological change can also work to the benefit of states.

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