Health Information Systems

Social media is playing a key role in the healthcare industry today. Various social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc. In this course, you will create your own blog to discuss some of the important topics and policies related to healthcare information systems and corresponding technologies.

Begin by creating your own blog, using a free editor such as

For the week #2 course project assignment, create 2 new blog posts addressing the following questions:

1. Identify at least 3 healthcare-related tools (apps, devices, etc.) and/or other resources available today for consumers (patients/caregivers) of healthcare services and describe how they can increase patient engagement.

2. Research the local or state HIE in your area. Who are the key players involved? What services do they provide? What accomplishments have they been able to demonstrate thus far, if any? What challenges have they faced?

The attached course project ppt slides will provide additional instructions and steps for setting up your Wix blog.

Copy and paste y

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