diiscussion board due thursday 250-350 words name of the textbook is (research techniques for health sciences by  james j. neutens 5th ed


Throughout this course, you will identify the steps in developing a research proposal. You will not be conducting the research or writing a full proposal; however, you will become familiar with the research process itself.

Many steps comprise the research process, but the first step is to determine a topic. You can find a topic through personal or professional interest and that is directed toward solving a problem. For the purpose of this course, you will select one of the eight topics presented below.

  • Childhood diabetes
  • Alcohol use in adolescents
  • Skin cancer in young women
  • Cardiovascular disease in the minority population
  • Childhood immunizations
  • Long-term care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cultural impact of posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Privacy with electronic health records

Post a comprehensive response including the following:

  • A research topic written as a problem statement (See page 16 in your textbook)
  • The purpose of the research, including how the project will further knowledge and extend theory (See pages 3-5 in your textbook.)
  • Reason for selecting the topic (See pages 13–14 in your textbook.)
  • Define any terms that may have special meaning to the study itself (See pages 17-18 in your textbook.)
  • ______________________________________________



Neutens, J. J., & Rubinson, L. (2014). Research techniques for the health sciences (5th ed.). San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.

Chapter 1, “What Is Research?”
This chapter introduces the scientific approach to research with a focus on discovering cause-and-effect relationships between variables. You should pay special attention to the section on science and theory, as one goal of scientific inquiry is to formulate theory.
Chapter 2, “Developing the Research Proposal”
The foundation of a research study is the research proposal. The proposal allows the researcher to specify the problem and formulate a study in terms of the appropriate study design and methodology. This chapter will assist you in selecting a research problem and writing a statement of the problem.

Chalkidou, K., Tunis, S., Lopert, R, Rochaix, L., Sawicki, P., Nasser, M., et al. (2009). Comparative effectiveness research and evidence-based health policy: Experience from four countries. Milbank Quarterly, 87(2), 339-367.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Comparative effectiveness research is the comparison of one diagnostic or treatment option to one or more other methods. This article emphasizes the importance of including costs in the comparison of diagnostic and treatment options.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides clinical information for both providers and practitioners. This is also a great resource for data and funding sources. Skim the Web site and refer back to it often during this course.

RAND Health. Retrieved from

The Rand Corporation has been conducting health-related research for 60 years. The Rand Health Web site provides research ideas and examples of current research areas. Peruse the site for ideas for your own research proposal.

University of Washington: Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. Retrieved from

Community-based participatory research begins with a research topic of importance to the community. This Web site provides research ideas and links to peer-reviewed journal articles of past research projects.

Required Media

The Scientific Method

This presentation provides an overview of the scientific method, scientific theory, and the research process. The scientific method distinguishes between basic and applied science and will step you through the cyclical stages of the research project.

Optional Resources

National Guideline Clearinghouse. Retrieved from

NGC Guidelines Syntheses. Retrieved from

NIH Research Matter. Retrieved from

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