Hofstede’s Dimensions Of Culture

The Meanings and Dimensions of Culture

Understanding the cultural context of a society, and being able to respond and react appropriately to cultural differences, is becoming increasingly important as the global environment becomes more interconnected.

In 1980 Dutchresearcher Geert Hofstede identified four original, and later two additional, dimensions of culturethat help explain how and why people from various cultures behave as they do.

  1. Utilizing only the original four dimensions of culture, define them and list a country that fits within each dimension and givean exampleof how.
  2. This assignment must be submitted in APA format with title page, body of paper, references page, and the paper must contain in-text citations for anything you write that is not originally yours.
    Check the Tools and Resources section of your course menu (on the left of the screen)  for help with APA.
  3. Submit your assignment as a word document.

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