* How to Manage a Team as a leader.

* How to Manage a Team as a leader.

* Make sure to use really good references .

* Make sure to use this information in the research (( I’m a Saudi student, studying in the U.S. And I used to work in the Saudi Telecom Company ” STC” as an office manager for the director of the network strategic planning from 2006 to 2012. In fact, most of the workers and engineers  were from Europe and the US. At that time, I had many difficulties to deal with them because of the language and different culture.  But, after I study my undergraduate  in the U.S, I become more aware of some of the cultures. I have A business Admin major and International Business Minor that helped me a lot to manage the team as a leader specially with leading the workers who came from different culture or background .

I wish the Idea of this research  paper is clear  enough for the writer.

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