HRMT330 U3Ip – Labor Relations Law

Type: Individual Project

Unit:   Labor Relations Law

Due Date:   Wed, 7/25/18

Deliverable Length:   750 words

  • APA Format, No grammer Errors, No Plagerisum, No Late work, No Changing Agreed Bid after agreed on.

Assignment Description

Recently, you have heard rumors that employees would like to unionize. The director of human resources has come to one of your regional managers’ meetings to discuss a couple of things about unions so that managers are equipped with detailed information. In a Word document of at least 750 words, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the process that employees will use to unionize?
  2. How can collective bargaining deliver improvements for workers in the organization?
  3. What does a union have to consider regarding a state’s right to work laws?

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