Human Resources Paper

Write a double-spaced, 12-pt font, 10-12 page research paper on a current (within the last two years) HR issue that a company or organization is facing and how, using common HR practices, would you rectify the issue. Utilize APA 6.0 manuscript style including appropriate in-text citations in the body of your paper, and an APA-formatted “References” list. Your paper must be typed and double spaced, using 1″ margins and appropriate pagination. It should include a Title Page, Table of Contents, and APA level headings.

Your paper should include at least 7 pages of actual content, not including ancillary pages such Title page, Table of Contents, References page, or charts or pictures in the Appendix. Any paper not submitted in current APA style will not be accepted. Use scholarly sources such as academic journals and trade publications (e.g. Harvard Business Review) not Wikipedia or general websites. This will require more than a regular web search! Sites like Google Scholar ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) can help you find appropriate sources.

What to include:

Title Page

Overview of your topic, including the history or background

Describe the law pertaining to the issue. For example, if your topic is disability discrimination you will want to include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the American’s with Disabilities Act (if you choose a legal issue)

Provide several examples of cases where employers were sued for discrimination.

Describe what type of policies and procedures the employers should have to avoid litigation

Discuss whether or not the law is preventing lawsuits and discrimination and if not, what changes do you see may be needed


References page

Topic= Sexual Harassment

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