Hypothetical Applied Project

Wek2 DQ 1

Hypothetical Applied Project

Consider this scenario from page 258 of Applied Anthropology: Tools and Perspectives for Contemporary Practice:

Imagine that you are an anthropologist working with a public health agency in Miami. In the last two weeks 100,000 Cuban refugees have landed in South Florida. You have been assigned to a task force charged with coming up with emergency policies and programs to deal with crises of primary health care, housing, family welfare, public safety, and eventual resettlement in the Dade County area. What approaches might you consider? (Ervin, 2005)

Reflect on “Case Study of Policy Research and Action: The Comadrona Project” (pp. 59-61) and “Case Study: An Anthropological Difference in Policy, Illustrated through the International Potato Center” (pp. 73-74) when answering this question. How could you apply the stages of the farmer-to-farmer model to the situation with the hypothetical Cuban refugees?

Wk 2 DQ2

Needs Assessment

Write a list of three social problems that you think an applied anthropologist would be able to address. Briefly describe these problems; steps that have been taken by individuals, agencies, and governments to address them; and the results of their actions. Which methods of needs assessments would work best for each of these issues? Why would these methods work best? What sorts of questions would you ask to address these needs?

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