Incident Response Paper

Incident Response Paper

In today’s highly connected world, cyber incidents happen on a daily basis. Every corporation from the very large to small and medium (SME) companies need an incident response team. Your group will write a short paper on who needs to be on an incident response team and what their basic plan of operation should be during or after a cyber incident. Review Chapter 12 for ideas.

  • 4 page (1200 words)
  • must cover
  • Define the company
    • It can be one your work for (feel free to change the name)
    • Can be based on a particular industry such as health care, education, software, etc.
  • What assets are they protecting?
  • Who needs to be on the incident response team?
  • What is the process for reporting or detecting an incident?
  • What policies should be in place?
  • What risk management is needed?
  • What best practices exist for the industry?

This should be in APA format, the cover page and abstract do not count towards the page count.

Include references

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