Indian Education System And Foreign Education System

The paper should focus on either strategic planning or operational planning.  Some individuals are high enough in their organization to be able to engage in strategic planning.  This paper can then be how you would develop a strategic plan.  For another group, you might be able to assess a strategic plan that is in place for an organization with which you are familiar.  Some others in class work in an operation where they can assess how an operational plan has been developed and can assess that.  Another group of students may be able to develop their own operational plan.  In some cases, the student may want to develop a strategic plan for himself or herself.  Do not look at companies with which you have no intimate knowledge since many organizations do not provide all aspects in their public documents.  I know some of you might want to explore companies that are worldwide or known throughout the world, but this is not appropriate for this class.

After you submit your proposal to the instructor via the Assignment, it will be returned to you with comments.  Do not post the project information until the paper has been approved.  If you will be using parts of previously submitted papers, you must notify me.  I will be running the papers through SafeAssign, and if the paper was submitted for another assignment, it will indicate a conflict, which can impact your grade.

The number of discussion questions to be responded to each week may seem substantial, but part of the course format requires you to search for components of your organization’s strategic plan.  Many of these discussion questions that will be posted will provide information that can be used in your final paper.  Therefore, when you are responding to the discussion question, you may also be answering questions for your paper.

Do not send me the assignments listed at the end of the readings.  Use the discussion board for any assignment responses that are not listed under the Assignment Button.

Responses on the Discussion Board should add value to the discussions.  Responses such as good answer or nice job should be avoided.  It is not necessary to answer every question, but the quality and quantity of responses do affect your grade. it should be with APA format and references including PPT. tearm paper should be of 10 pages.

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