International Business – MBA

Assignment Brief

Your task is to write a report and complete the following:

  1. Identify a specific product or service (of commercial value) of an organisation (operating in any industry) from your country or a country you are familiar with, and discuss its appropriateness for expansion into an international market (i.e. a foreign country).
  2. Conduct a detailed evaluation of the foreign country’s political, economic, legal and financial climate.
  3. Assess your organisation’s ability to leverage its internal resources and capabilities into your chosen foreign market to determine its attractiveness (e.g. manufacturing, research and development, marketing strategies, capital financing, logistics, supply chain and distribution). You have the option to focus on the areas that are directly related to your organisation and its industry.
  4. Once the market is evaluated:

i. Recommend a general strategy that your organisation should adopt when expanding into your chosen foreign market (i.e. global standardisation, transnational, international and localisation).ii. Recommend which entry mode you believe will be most suitable for your chosen organisation and why (i.e. exporting, turnkey project, licencing, franchising, joint venture, merger and acquisition, strategic alliance, and wholly-owned subsidiary).

5. Conclude the report.

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