International Strategy Individual Work

INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY: 2 nd SESSION 2017-2018 This individual work concerns students who need to take the exam of International Strategy for the 2nd session. To complete this dissertation, you will need to use different sessions of the course: – Session 1: Introduction and strategic position – Session 2: Business-level strategy – Session 4: Internationalization This work must be submitted before August 10, 12:00 by e-mail to and Belgian students must also print one paper version and hand it in the pigeonhole (teachers room – rue Louvrex 14) of Prof. Nathalie Crutzen before August 20, 12:00. ATTENTION: Every day late will be sanctioned by a withdrawal of 1 point out of 20 (per day). Moreover, if we see similarities between two copies, both will be sanctioned with a 0/20. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Subject: Choose a corporation which operates in different countries on the globe and which has several business units. You can choose to write about a failure or a success story. 2. Structure: I. Business-level strategy: i. Describe the company (at the corporate level and the different strategic business units), summarize some key characteristics (activities, history, location of the headquarters, etc.) and clarify the vision, mission, values of the company (max. 2 pages) ii. Using theoretical frameworks (such as PESTEL, PORTER, etc), elaborate a SWOT analysis at the level of one business unit of your choice, and develop 3 key future strategic recommendations at this business level (max. 3 pages) II. Internationalization: i. Point out the motivations of this company to operate abroad (max. 1 page) ii. Clarify how and where this firm decided to go worldwide (max. 1 page) iii. Argue on these decisions (Are the target markets relevant? Was it the best way to enter one particular market?) (max. 1 page) iv. Explain which international strategy the company follows. Explain the nature of the activities abroad, the barriers to entry and if foreign activities meet the expectations (max. 1 page) 3. Format: We ask you to send a pdf version of your dissertation (! Belgian students must provide us with a paper version too). This work should contain between 3,500 and 4,500 words (without Appendix). You may add figures or supporting data in Appendix but the total  length should not exceed 15 pages. Pay attention to the English spelling and use frameworks presented during the sessions to enlighten your thoughts and opinions.

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