Investigation Evaluation

Use this form and complete each section of this assignment

Reference documents for this assignment:

Henry, P. (Sept. 12, 2009). Best practices in digital evidence collection. SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog. Retrieved from

Law Enforcement Cybercenter. (2014). Digital Evidence. Retrieved from

Law Enforcement Cybercenter. (2014). Digital Evidence. Retrieved from

1. Digital Evidence Collection and Examination – Review the reference documents listed above. Discuss the specific step-by-step process for seizing, searching and forensically examining a laptop or desktop computer.

1.a. What type of authority and/or documentation does an investigator need to obtain permission to seize and analyze digital media?

1.b. What tools might an investigator need to seize and forensically analyze digital media?

1.c. What software does a digital forensic analyst use to examine digital media?

1.d. What is the step-by-step process for the digital forensic examination of digital evidence?

2. Review the Internet of Things Infographic at the Cybercenter web page at Read the scenario. Click the button titled: Lets begin the investigation! Examine three (3) items from the household graphic of common Internet of Things. 

2.a. Describe each of your three chosen items including a description of the functions of that item.

2.b. Discuss how each item could be used to cause damage if it became the subject of a cyberattack.

2.c. Define and discuss the specific technologies associated with each of the three items you chose.


Law Enforcement Cybercenter. (2014). Internet of Things Infographic. Retrieved from

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