IR Theories: Strengths and Weaknesses

IR Theories: Strengths and WeaknessesPrepare-5.pngPrepare: Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the course text. Reflect-5.pngReflect: Perspectives have been described as “a statement or a hypothesis that explains the primary cause of what is happening—for example a struggle for power causes conflict and sometimes war” (Nau, 2017, p. 4). Our ability to describe, explain, and predict international relations (IR) are valuable skills that enable political scientists to influence and affect international politics and global leaders. One of the most important tools that international relations experts routinely utilize are theoretical perspectives. Specifically, most IR specialists are experts at using realism, liberalism, and identity perspectives to describe, explain, and predict international relations. Consequently, students of IR must master these perspectives and the intricacies of their major principles and tenets. Write-5.pngWrite: In your initial post of at least 200 words, complete the following:
Describe one strength of each of the realist, liberal, and identity perspectives.
Describe one weaknesses of each of the realist, liberal, and identity perspectives.
Assess which perspective(s) provides a more comprehensive and accurate explanation of world events.

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