ITCJ UII Project

The research project for this course requires you to identify a criminal justice professional field in which you would be

interested in pursuing a career. If you already work in the criminal justice field, you can use your current position as the

basis for this project. The course research project will be due during Unit VI.

The objectives of the course research project are as follows:

Identify and analyze three competencies required within the selected field of criminal justice.

Compare and contrast the competencies within the field to the student’s own knowledge, skills, and abilities and identify

one goal you would like to set for yourself.

Examine the use of technology within the selected field of criminal justice.

You will be required to not only research various aspects of the selected field, but must also interview an individual that

currently works in it.

For the assignment in this unit, you are encouraged to select the criminal justice field that will serve as the basis of your

research project and submit it to your instructor for approval, as well as the type of individual you plan to interview. You

should also include several references related to the field that can be used in the project.

This submission should be no more than one page in length.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided

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