KBS Proposal

This paper is about Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS). Considering university and government research, commercial products, computer technology, and human or organizational needs, find a good application for KBS.

In a 3-5+ page paper, propose “How a KBS* can be used in _______.”  Fill in the blank with an organization you know about (company, school, non-profit, consulting group, home, etc.). You should build on your online review about university research and use any practical information from expert system demo presentation to make a realistic recommendation for client purchase or license.


  1. Introduction – executive summary
  2. Background – what problem will be solved; details on organization
  3. Solution – how KBS will be created and applied; technology; resources
  4. Proposal schedule or project plan (any maintenance, future revisions, etc.)
  5. Conclusion – benefits expected; details based on executive summary
  6. References – list of published and online sources cited in paper

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