Lab 3 – Soil Infiltration and Runoff

ab 3 – Soil Infiltration and Runoff 

You will be conducting field research on vegetation-covered, smooth-rock covered, paved, and bare soil surfaces after rainfall to determine infiltration and runoff results.

Enter the Lab through the third item in this Unit’s MUSE and proceed to Unit 3. The MUSE can be accessed by clicking on Learning Materials. Use all available resources in your lab environment, as well as the provided course materials and web resources to complete your lab report.

Click here to access this week’s Lab Report.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Assignment Specific Grading Criteria:

SCI103 Unit 3 Individual Project Grading CriteriaMax PointsThe water infiltration, runoff and evaporation values are present and accurate.5The gallons of water values are complete and accurate.5Three to five sentences (each) are used to describe the role of vegetation, smooth mountain rock and bare soil surface types on the amount of runoff;
using data from part 1 to support the findings.10Three to five sentences (each) are used to present the role of vegetation in sediment loss and water infiltration.10Three to five sentences (each) are used to present the impact of pavement (bare rock) and sediment loss on waterways.10Three to five sentences (each) are used to discuss how sediment loss affects land and soil quality.5Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively. References, if provided, are in APA format.5Total points earned:50

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