Lab 9: Research Populations

Research Populations:

Just a quick reminder.  As of the 6th Edition of the APA Publication Manual the APA has decided to refer to humans, who are part of a research study, as participants.  This terminology is a change from the past where such participants were referred to as subjects.

The goal of this lab is to discuss the population that you would like to work with to complete your research study (also known as the Term Project).

Please answer the following questions to complete this lab:

1. Which population have you identified?

2. Why do you think this is the most appropriate population to study?

3. Discuss which sampling procedure you plan to use to gather data from that population.

4. How to you plan to obtain your data?

5. What problems do you anticipate having while collecting your data?

6. How do you plan to record your data for analysis?

7. What is your plan for dealing with incomplete or missing data?

APA style.

Check the example of this HW in the word file.

Same length as in the example.

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