Labor Relations

No less than 100 words.  Remember to include 2 or more outside sources to support and enrich the discussion.  Sources will be properly cited in APA format.

  1. Describe the major differences between the NLRA and the RLA?  What is the history and focus of RLA?
  2. Discuss style of bargaining known as the “win’win” strategy and provide an example.  How do technological changes affect the relative bargaining power of the parties?
  3. Why are reunion officials likely to oppose flexible work hours and other innovative work schedules?
  4. Do you believe the present rights given to strikers by the NLRB are appropriate?  Should they be increased or decreased?  Why?
  5. Explain and describe how arbitration works, and how it may benefit or hinder with side.  what current event can  you reference where arbitration has settled the dispute?  Remember to cite your sources.
  6. How is the issue of employee discipline handled under the negotiated contract?  What are the methods of dispute resolution?
  7. What module or textbook chapter did you find most interesting and why?  What in particular can you apply to your everyday life?

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