Language In Society

Blog week 5

The videos and materials posted for this blog are about how language plays into our identity in the context of education. Education is one of the largest and most powerful social institutions in the U.S. In this blog consider the material for this week and explore how language discrimination and identity shape human experience in the context of institutions. These materials are about education and you can focus your blog on educational contexts, but you may also you this material to build a blog around other institutions such as law, medicine, the military, or others.

Write the blog by following the instructions :

. properly cited in APA style

• Consists of 4-5 substantial, thoughtful, and well-organized paragraphs.

Focus the blog on ideas raised in the video of

o  Remember you must include one image

This is the videos :

Linguistic Profiling – John Baugh §

o Dialect Attitudes – Dennis Preston §

o Linguistic Discrimination in Schools §

o African American Vernacular English and Ann Arbor Decision §

§ This is a background resource – not appropriate for citation, but useful to look at for basic information on the situation being discussed in video on linguistic discrimination in schools

o Policy from Ann Arbor Decision §

o NY Times Article – What Happened After the Ann Arbor Decision?

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