Language In Society

o  Consider the points McWhorter is making about learning languages and multilingualism. But also learning languages in the context of contemporary technological and social changes. For example, the raise of mobile technologies, ease of international and long distance travel, increased migration and globalization all play a part in language learning and multilingualism today. So, what are the big ideas McWhorter is getting at and how do you see them connected to other social issues and phenomena today?

o  Remember you must include one image


Expectations for your individual blog assignments:

  • Include at least 1 image that is properly cited in APA style
  • Consists of 4-5 substantial, thoughtful, and well-organized paragraphs directly addressing the blog assignment instructions for that week
  • Incorporate ideas from at least 1 internet resource that is not already used in the course (it must be properly cited and include weblink )
  • The goal is to use academic and scholarly work to explore personal opinions, experiences, and ideas
  • Ideas, paraphrasing, and quotation from readings and materials must be cited completely and properly according to APA style (otherwise it is plagiarism)

o  Must use in text citations in your paragraphs when referencing materials

o  Must include reference section at the end with full citations of all readings used in blog assignment


John McWhorter -Ted Talk -4 Reasons to Learn a New Language 2016

video to watch:

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