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Write an 875- to 1,050-word paper analyzing and evaluating the relationship between information literacy—as described in the literature—and each aspect of the scholar-practitioner-leader model as it relates to your professional context. Your paper should:

  • Explain the topic of information literacy as critical to your doctoral success.
  • Summarize your analytical framework, as derived from your analysis.
  • Describe the findings of your analysis. Note: Pay special attention to the analytical operations mentioned in the rubric.
  • Explain the assumptions underlying your conclusions (evaluation).
  • Support your conclusions with informed, reasoned judgments that draw upon evidence from the literature.

Consider the questions below as you write your analysis:

  • What would a leader in your discipline look like with no scholarly background?
  • What would a practitioner in your discipline look like with no leadership skills?

Consider the questions below as you write your evaluation:

  • What if scholars in your discipline had minimal access to information literacy materials?
  • What is something that you’re doing in your discipline that relates to information literacy? How does it connect to the SPL model?
  • What is the value of SPL access to information literacy in your discipline?

Include four sources in your paper. Three sources must be from the assigned Electronic Reserve Readings. The fourth source must be from a peer-reviewed source of your choice.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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