Leadership In The “New” Business Environment


Next on the list is an article written by business guru Tom Peters (author of the book, In Search of Excellence, rated by National Public Radio as one of the top three business books of the century). Peters has written a tongue-in-cheek article for Fast Company listing 50 leadership qualities for today’s business environment. The article, titled Rule #3: Leadership Is Confusing As Hell, will be our first article this week and the basis for our discussion. The article is presented in two sections in the reading list section.

We’ll follow this with a short video from Ted Talk entitled What It Takes To Be a Great Leader. Presenter, Roselinde Torres, tackles the question of the ever-growing leadership talent gap reported by many companies. Her premise is: great leaders tend to ask three relatively simple questions, which are:

After reading this week’s articles and viewing both Ted Talks, what important leadership ideas do you want to add to the conversation? In the Peter’s Article (Leadership Is Confusing As Hell), he left number 49 open. “You tell me. What is the one key idea for leadership in whacked-out times that you would propose” (Peters)?  As the conversation unfolds, please make sure to comment on this week’s content through the lens of your personal experiences.

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