Leadership Self Reflection And Personal Development Plan

What person or experience taught you the most about effective leadership?

What person or experience taught you the meaning of bad leadership?

What is your ideal leadership image?

What is your definition of leadership? Did your definition change throughout the course?

Where are you on the Level 5 hierarchy?

Have you ever confronted an ethical dilemma? If so, how did you resolve it (or not)?

Would any of Kidder’s models or principles have applied to your situation? What standards

to test your ethical principles were utilized? Also, see Highlight 5.5 in your text for further


Examine the instrumental and terminal values and complete the Personal Values Priority

exercise. What are your strongest values?

Complete the Bases of Power Inventory and the Empowerment Inventory. The influence

assessment in the article about power deficits should also be completed. Where are your

strengths and areas of development?

Reflect upon the team roles that you perform in groups and teams. Utilize the survival

simulation from class as well as workplace and other team experiences that you have had.

What are your dominant (most preferred / required) and backup (somewhat preferred /

required) leadership styles, as assessed in the Leadership Style Questionnaire (LSQ), as well

as those that still need development (least preferred / required)?

What surfaced as strengths and areas of development from the Vincentian Leadership


Describe the culture of an organization that you would want to lead or be an employee of.

Have you had opportunities for Vision development and enactment? Will you have any

future opportunities for this? As a leader of an organization, what vision would you create?

Or as an employee in an organization, what organizational vision could you embrace?

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