Logical Falliacies From Chaper C5 In Practical Argument

Chapter C5 in Practical Argument… Each answer should be 3 sentences on why you chose that answer

Ad Hominem Begging the Question

Appeal to Authority False Dilemma

Appeal to Emotion Hasty Generalization

Appeal to Ignorance Slippery Slope

Bandwagon Strawman


Match the logical fallacies above with the sentences. Explain your reason for selecting your answer.

Every politician in Louisiana is crooked.

Wrestling is a dangerous sport because it is unsafe.

Either go to college or forget about getting a job.

Martin Sheen should write a book about Washington D.C.. He played the President of the United States for seven seasons on ‘The West Wing.’

“You should own an Ipod. Everyone has one.”

“We could take her ideas on school truancy- if she had children of her own.”

‘Television violence led my child to fights in school and finally expulsion. The same thing can happen to your young innocent child if you do not monitor his or her television habits.”

We have no proof that cutting trees in the Rainforest impacts the environment; therefore, we should continue chopping down the Rainforest.”

People who support stem-cell research have no respect for human life, and they are wrong.

The lottery must be banned. If we do not ban the lottery, more and more people will be spending their paychecks on buying a ticket. The next thing you know people will begin stealing from friends and family just to buy a lottery ticket.”

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