Looking Ahead: Course Project: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Looking Ahead: Course Project: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Your Immersion Project culminates with dissemination of your findings. Dissemination is the last step of the research process. In general terms, this step may include publication of findings, posters at conferences, or presentations (which you focus on for this course). Especially for application in professional settings, dissemination can begin to bridge knowledge or experience gaps among colleagues.

Your presentation will be a narrated PowerPoint. Although it is not due until Day 5 of Week 10, adhering to pacing guidelines will help you successfully complete the assignment.

To Prepare:

  • Consider the experiences and insights gained during your Immersion Experience that you would like to share with your Instructor and colleagues.
  • Draft the content of both the slides and the audio. Remember that your slides should contain brief phrases or sentences only; the majority of your content will be explained through your narration.
  • You may wish to refer to the support document in the Learning Resources for information on how to add audio to a PowerPoint if you need assistance.

The Assignment:

Your PPT presentation should include the following:

  • A first slide that contains your name and presentation title
  • An introduction to your selected group and an overview of your experiences
  • Cultural factors (beliefs, practices, norms, historical experiences) that might impact human and social services work with people from this group; you may also include changing beliefs or practices (e.g., among generations), if applicable
  • Insights you gained from completing the Immersion Experience itself that will inform your practice related to multicultural competence and that could be applied to other groups or situations
  • Pictures that show you engaging in your Immersion Experience with people from your selected group (You must, however, obtain consent from individuals to appear in the photos.)

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