LPP Reflection Essay

Submit Artifact 5 — LPP reflection essay — here by Tuesday 8/21

After you have created LPP artifacts 1-4, and submitted them to their corresponding assignments in prior weeks’ modules, now review these artifacts as a portfolio of work. If you haven’t already done so, consider printing them and keeping them in a file like a traditional portfolio, because ideally they will serve you as a reference for the rest of your time at Cascadia.

Then write a 750+ word reflective essay about these artifacts, and the process of creating this Learning Plan Portfolio. Your essay must address these questions:

  • Advising appointment: With whom did you meet and when? What did you discover in the process of taking the STAQ and sketching out your educational plan at Cascadia? What are your academic goals and strategies? Does the plan you have sketched out help you feel more grounded and focused about college? Why or why not?
    (I will do this part by myself)
  • Career exploration: What did you discover when you looked at careers on WOIS? Were you surprised by certain information? Did anything on the site make you more or less interested in a career; why? Do you feel that your education and career are interconnected or separate? What kind of career goals have become clearer to you?
  • Concept maps activity: What did you learn from the concept mapping activity? How might it contribute to the evolution of your career or educational goals?
  • Wild card exploration: How does your wild card artifact(s) contribute to your plans?
  • What other elements from the course have contributed to your thinking learning plan?How will you manage your time, your wellness, your academic challenges, your environmental responsibilities? What tools or ideas from will be important for you, and how? (Be specific, and use citations as appropriate.) What are you excited about? What do you feel challenged by? What is your current strategy for moving forward in your education and with your career and service interests?

    This reflective essay should include an MLA formatted works cited page with an entry for Cal Newport’s article and WOIS and any other materials that you have used to support your writing of this reflection.

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