Machine Design


Design a complete single-reduction, spur gear-type speed reducer.  Provide detail design for the two gears, two shafts, and four bearings.  Use input data of your choice provided in Chapter 9, Problems 60 – 70.  The design of each component should include materials selection, manufacturing processes, both primary and secondary.  Provide necessary tolerance on the basic sizes to ensure appropriate assembly between mating parts.

Design elements to locate the gears on the shafts and discuss axial location elements.

Drawings should be provided for each element with appropriate dimensions and tolerances.

In addition, please provide the overall assembly drawing.  Project report should be done to professional standard.  Justification should be provided for each decision made.

Final report along with drawings should be submitted no time

Project submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.  please look at the file this is example of what I want smilair to this file.

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