Malware Policy Procedure Guide

Assignment: Malware Policy Procedure Guide

Assignment Requirements

Ken 7 Windows Limited new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software makes it possible for more employees, vendors, and customers to access the Ken 7 Windows environment. You have noticed a marked increase in malware activity in the test environment that seems to originate from external users. After researching the likely source of new malware, you conclude that allowing external users to connect to your environment using compromised computers exposes Ken 7 Windows to malware vulnerabilities. You take your findings to your manager and have been asked to create a policy that will ensure all external computers that connect to Ken 7 environment are malware free. You create the following policy:

“To protect the Ken 7 computing environment from the introduction of malware of any type from external sources, all external computers and devices must demonstrate that they are malware free prior to establishing a connection to any Ken 7 Windows resource.”

Answer the following questions:

  1. What does “malware-free” mean?
    2. How can a user demonstrate that their computer or device is malware free?
    3. What are the steps necessary to establish a malware-free computer or device?
    4. How should Ken 7 Windows verify that a client computer or device is compliant?

Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word
Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
Citation Style: APA Style with 3 references
Length: 2–3 pages


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