MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT #1: Paper Part 1 — Solutions

Solutions Assignment Prompt: DUE Sept. 9th, 2018 at 23:00 military time!!!

The objective of this assignment is for you to gather some ideas for possible use as your “Solutions” project. Throughout the course you will be practicing the steps in critical and creative thinking to solve a problem within an actual organization.

Assignment Requirements:

· Provide a list of 3 Problems/Goals and high level solution path that you are considering as your project.

· Make sure your name and the name of your organization in on the top of the list

· Follow suggested format or create your own similarly simple list


· Begin be reviewing the lists in Think Smarter of Business Functions (List 1) and Business Issues & Goals (List 2) to get some ideas of the types of issues, problems or goals you might want to consider using as your course project (SEE TEXTBOOK).

· Create a list of 3 possibilities and then each jot down what you think needs to be done to solve the problem or meet the goal.


Problem/Goal #1:

To reduce the product waste when small batches are needed to fill orders. Solution: wait until enough orders come in for full batch.

Problem/Goal #2:

Strengthen participation in our benefits plan to include more employees. Solution: create a new Benefits Handbook to describe all the options.

Problem/Goal #3 :

(You get the point …right? )

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